World United Founder's Message To

CSUN International Students


I am a proud Senior Citizen! And also a proud Academic CSUN Senior majoring in Linguistics & TESL, so I guess I am a double senior!

I have dedicated my entire life to International Cultural Exchange. In 1977, I taught the ABC's, numbers and colors to orphan children in an orphanage in the village of Tongduchon, South Korea.  I also taught English conversation to hundreds of University Students in Seoul, for eight straight years 1980-1988.

During the last 14 years (since 2006), I have traveled more than 200,000 miles with close to 3,000 International Students. We have visited almost every major city and most National Parks in the United States. We are just a small organization consisting of mainly volunteers and interns, but I can proudly say that World United has established a wonderful community of International Students & Alumni who have established friendships that last a lifetime. 

As our CSUN President mentioned in the email to our campus community, the recent change in the policy causes tremendous anxiety and uncertainty for our International Students and their families. I would like to say to our International Students, World United is here to support you in every way we can. If there are any CSUN International Students that are going through hardship, please let's know right away. We are Matadors and we'll get through these difficult times together. 

Manny Dume